Photo: Annika Lundvall

As a voice coach I mainly focus on the basic functions of the voice.
Body awareness, intellect, feeling and expression all work together. By initially calmly softening, feeling and exposing the vocal instrument, the goal is to find the baseline of the voice and start building from there.
Working with the breathing in an easy and flexible way becomes central.
The proximity of the speech/cry/call out to singing becomes an interesting and important aspect, open and rich in the sound.
I am trained in the classical singing style with renowned teachers such as Inga-Lill Sundin, Jacqueline Delman, Oren Brown, Erik Saedén and Maud Rainer, however my work is independent of the genre and also includes other types of singers as well as other voice users, whether professional or amateur. I have worked with many great singers and vocal performers, from rock to opera to lecturers.
My classes are usually individual and lasts approximately one hour. I also give lectures and workshops at places like SVT, UR, TV4, Opera High school, Stockholm music educational institutions, Vadstena Academy, College of Mälardalen and a number of other cultural schools. During 2013 I gave classes and workshops in Brisbane, Ausrtralia.
My teaching approach has been developed as a result of many years of vocal studies, techniques of body awareness, singing assignments and close collaborations with voice teacher Maud Rainer and phoniatrical activities with Dr. Staffan Wilén, physician and specialist in Speech Pathology.
I also work as a voice teacher at the Stockholm Phoniatrical clinic together with two physicians that are specializing in Speech Pathology, a physiotherapist and two speech therapists.